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Jeff Cloke  has been involved with experimental music since the 1960s, and since 2002 has been fascinated by the sound of the space itself, as well as the sounds made in the space; an activity inspired by the composer Alvin Lucier.

His first Resonation projects involved a microphone and delays, allowing sounds to be replayed into the space repeatedly so that they gradually reinforce themselves, creating an harmonic interaction with the space.  Projects have been both solo and making work with other artists; using filters and effects pedals, sounds are combined dynamically within the context of constantly evolving harmonies and rhythms, creating a unique, shifting soundscape derived from both the instruments and the space.

Between 2005 and 2008 Jeff worked to develop a laptop setup using the same Resonation principles, but allowing faster responses and the ability to perform live sampling and processing of other musicians and the sounds in the room.  The new laptop process, Reson8, is also able to utilise multiple speaker setups in order to produce surround sound with moving sound objects. For solo pieces Reson8 uses stored recordings of the human voice (spoken words) which are transformed to reveal their inner beautiful, shifting, harmonic soundscapes.

Recent projects have included solo and ensemble performances in Berlin, Potsdam and London, as well as performances with dancers, performance artists and musicians.  A new venture is the production of surround-sound DVDs with Reson8 sounds moving in space, with accompanying visual images.  He has recently given presentations and performances of his work in Stafford, Bielefeld and Singapore.

Video & audio from my most recent performances here

More on Resonation & Reson8 here:  A Brief History

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