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2008 - Reson8 is launched - performances resume.  Collaborations with poets (Terry Day) and dancers (Max Reed) begin.  In addition to the performances and videos included here, an inner_duo CD from this period - 'Reflection'  - is available on last.fm.

21 December 2008  MOPOMOSO 'Galaxy of Stars', The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston.  Max Reed (Dance), Terry Day (Poetry), Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

28 November 2008  Klinker, Tottenham.  Hugh Metcalfe (film) with Jeff Cloke (Reson8), Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice), Jerry Wigens (guitar), Sylvia Hallett (violin, bicycle wheel). [video extracts available on YouTube]

9 November 2008  London New Wind Festival, HMS President, London.  Jeff Cloke (Reson8) - trio with Terry Day (bamboo pipes, etc.) & Jaques Foschia (bass clarinet).

5 November 2008  London New Wind Festival, HMS President, London.  Jeff Cloke (Reson8) - duo with Catherine Pluygers (oboe).

28 October 2008  Klinker at Maggie's Bar.  'UVZone': Hugh Metcalfe (poetry), Ian McLachlan (trombone), Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

29 September 2008  Workshop Extension Series, Cafe Oto, Dalston.  Jeff Cloke (Reson8), Laura Hyland (voice), Noel Taylor (clarinet), David Papapostolou (cello).

21 September 2008  MOPOMOSO, Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston.  Jeff Cloke (Reson8) with Dave Draper (Guitar & Effects).

9 August 2008  Zeichen des Kontakts, Marquardt, Germany.  1. Christiane Schulz (Poetry).  2. Jeff Cloke (Reson8) Solo.  3. Trio: Andrea Schoning (voice), Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice), Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

7 August 2008  Rathaus Galerie, Lichtenberg, Berlin.  Jeff Cloke Reson8 Solo with Video Installation by Ulrich Fischer.

7 June 2008  LiveArt Falmouth.  'Resonating Spaces' A 1-hour performance by Mike McInerney (shakuhachi) & Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

28 May 2008  flim-flam @ Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington.  Jeff Cloke (Reson8) with Dave Draper (Guitar & Effects).

20 May 2008  Wedding Salon, Berlin.  Annette Krebs (laptop), Axel Haller (bass guitar), Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

15 May 2008  Exploratorium, Berlin.  Tom Arthurs (flugelhorn), Miles Perkin (double bass), Jeff Cloke (Reson8), plus Reson8 solo.

29 April 2008  Jazz Rumours, Cross Kings, Kings Cross Jeff Cloke (Reson8) & Dave Draper (Guitar & Effects).  The first appearance of Reson8

A number of tracks recorded in April & May 2008 

are available for free download on last.fm

'Reson8 - May08'

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