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2009 was characterised by performances in different contexts (Performance Art) and artforms (Dance, Poetry).  In addition to the performances listed here, recording sessions in my own name, Postcards from Potsdam and with Thomas Kumlehn under the name inner_duo,  'Viewing Points - unvisible landscapes'  are available from last.fm.

21 - 30 October 2009  Chillout Bar, Shunt Lounge, London Bridge.  Initially with Amos & Anna-Mi Fredriksson, this developed into a total of 6 nights solo residency. Jeff Cloke (Reson8) joined by John White (keyboards) & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice) for 2 nights.  The audio recordings from these events have been used for DVD projects.

20 September 2009  London New Wind Improvisation Concert, St Cyprian's Church, Baker Street.  Rodrigo Montoya (shamisen), Jeff Cloke (Reson8), Ricardo Tejero (clarinet)

9 July 2009  Ghost Farringdon, 'All Thou Art' Performance Art with Amos, Helen Sharp, Poppy Jackson, Suzy Roberts; sound by Jeff Cloke (Reson8)

6 June 2009  Zeichen des Kontakts IV Ev. Kirche Marquardt, Germany.  1. Solo Wolfgang Zander (poetry)  2. Solo Jeff Cloke (Reson8)  3. Trio Cora Chilcot (voice), Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice), Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

4 June 2009  Pacha Mama, Potsdam, Germany  Lutz Andres (guitar, voice), Thorsten Bloedhorn (guitar), Jeff Cloke (Reson8)

31 May 2009  Worthless Gallery, Covent Garden.  'Art-Flesh-Priceless' Performance Art with Amos, Poppy Jackson, Ula Dajerling, Lennie Lee; sound by Jeff Cloke (Reson8).

11 May 2009  Cafe Oto, Dalston.  Max Reed (dance), Hannah Marshall (cello), Henri Vaxby (guitar), Marcos Baggiani (drums), Jeff Cloke (reson8).

29 April 2009  Scaledown, King & Queen, London W1  Dave Draper (guitar & effects), Jeff Cloke (Reson8)

27 April 2009  Cafe Oto, Dalston.  Gabriel Humberstone (percussion), Daichi Yoshikawa  (electronics), Tim Yates (guitar), Jeff Cloke (Reson8)

20 March 2009  Scaledown, King & Queen, London W1  Max Reed (dance), Rodrigo Montoya (shamisen), Jeff Cloke (Reson8) 

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