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I took some slices from the laptop recordings made during the live sessions on my trip to Germany in September, and made them into a new album: September Slices.  Follow this link to find them on BandCamp:  http://reson8.bandcamp.com/album/september-slices   Some are also available on my SoundCloud page:  http://soundcloud.com/jeffcloke    

14 September 2011   Sowieso, Berlin, Germany    www.sowieso-neukoelln.de/   with Astrid Weins (double bass), Albrecht Walter (clarinet), & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice, etc).  An extract, containing the duo between Albrecht  and me is on SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/jeffcloke/sowieso-duo

 13 September 2011  Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin, Germany   www.galeriemazzoli.com  with Jürg Bariletti (acoustic lab-top/cycle) & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice).  The performance took place in 3 separate gallery spaces linked by microphones and speakers.  An extract from the mixed audio can be found on SoundCloud:  http://soundcloud.com/jeffcloke/galerie-mario-mazzoli-extract

10 September 2011  Ev. Kirche Marquardt, Potsdam, Germany  with Elo Masing (violin), & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice).  


Video of duo with Elo Masing www.myspace.com/elomasing

Audio recordings also available on Soundcloud:


9 September 2011  Quendel, Potsdam, Germany      www.quendel-potsdam.de  with Elo Masing (violin), Frank Zimmerman (cello), Albrecht Walter (clarinet), & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice)

Video shows duo with Albrecht Walter  www.casilia.de


5 September 2011  Cooperativa Neue Musik, Capella Hospitalis, Teutobergerstrasse 50, 33604 Bielefeld, Germany.


Presentation and performances of Resonation and a Reson8 duo with Anne Bella Heinemann (voice & text)  

Audio recordings are available on SoundCloud:  



12 January 2011

Staffordshire University, Beaconside, Stafford

NoiseFloor Festival


Presented a paper: "How The Wrong NoiseFloor Changed My Life"  and gave a solo performance in the surround-sound (16 channel) Cinema.

 here is the paper I presented at NoiseFloor 2011

2 September 2011,

Bayern 2 Radio, Germany.

 On 2 September 2011 my short sound piece "Echoes of Hayley & Max" was broadcast on German Radio station Bayern 2 as part of their artmix.galerie series.  It is now available as a Podcast here  .  The piece takes 2 short poems (by Hayley & Max Shone) and subjects them to a series of passes through a resonant room hardware effects unit to create a 'resonation' soundscape. 

 23 April 2011,

Network Theatre, London SE1

Duo with Jerry Wigens 


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