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4th - 5th February 2013 Seminar and Workshop on my work given at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University, Singapore.   http://www.nus.edu.sg/music/

The presentation itself (in Apple Keynote format) is available for download (660MB)  here.

The video shows my short performance of 'Sometimes' given as part of the seminar.

  26th March 2013   Live Reson8 performance at Arch1,  Cranberry Lane, London E16 4BJ with Noel Taylor (clarinet), Jamie Coleman (trumpet) & Hannah Marshall (cello).

Arch1:  myspace.com/arch1membersclub 


16th September Exploratorium, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany with Ensemble Sarotti Instant.

18th September Chaple St. Matthäus, Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany (TBC)

20th September Planetarium, Potsdam, Germany http://www.urania-planetarium.de/     Solo Soundcloud recording here 

21st September Galerie Art[t]raum, Gottsdorf, Germany http://www.kunst-in-gottsdorf.de/ with Klara Li (voice) & Thomas Kumlehn (flute) Video "In The Flesh" shown on the right.

22nd September Klein Glienicker Kapelle, Potsdam, Germany www.klein-glienicker-kapelle.de solo, plus Astrid Weins (double bass & tuba), Albrecht Walter (clarinet & bandoneon) & Thomas Kumlehn (flute, voice, etc) Video "Kappelspielt+" shown on the right. 

Arch1 October 15th & November 19th 2013 Two gigs in duo with Lawrence Upton. Videos "Dancer Knot variation 1" and "in the railway truck variation 1" are shown on the right.

Singapore Independent Archive and Resource Centre (IARC) December 28th 2013 With Kai Lam and Jordan Johari Rais. 

My solo set audio recording is on Soundcoud,  https://soundcloud.com/jeffcloke/iarc-solo    

The video is shown on the right. 

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