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Tuesday March 25th  Arch1, Cranberry Lane, London, E16 4BJ First set : Jeff Cloke (Reson8)  plus Celia Lu (voice), Max Reed (dance), Second set:  Iris Ederer (voice) & David O'Connor (baritone sax). A video of the first 5 minutes of the first set is shown on the right.

Tuesday April 22nd  Arch1, Cranberry Lane, London, E16 4BJ Jeff Cloke (Reson8) plus Manuela Schuette (voice), Viv Corringham (voice &  electronics), 'Secluded Bronte' (Adam & Jonathan Bohman, Richard Thomas - voices). A video extract from the first set is shown on the right.

Tuesday May 27th  Arch1, Cranberry Lane, London, E16 4BJ Cooperative Strawberries {Jeff Cloke (Reson8), Lawrence Upton (voice) "strangely voiced spectacles", PLUS LelyWhite {John White & John Lely "purveyors of electronic sporting goods"}. 

Cooperative Strawberries video shown on the right.

Thursday June 5th  Arch1, Cranberry Lane, London, E16 4BJ  Jeff Cloke (Bass Clarinet), Celia Lu (voice), Jerry Wigens (Guitar, Clarinet), Max Reed (Movement & Voice), Elo Masing (Violin etc.), Thomas Kumlehn (Flute & Voice) in various combinations.

Saturday 20th September Klein Glienicker Capelle, Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany Thomas Kumlehn (flute & voice), Albrecht Walter (bandoneon & clarinet), Astrid Weiss (drums), Jeff Cloke (bass recorder & electronics)

Sunday 21st September Klara Li Studio, Berlin, Germany Clara Li (glasses, water, voice), Thomas Kumlehn (flute & voice), Jeff Cloke (bass recorder & electronics)

Friday 24th October SONOPHILIA Festival, St Mary Magdalene Church, Lincoln Dark Januaries {Isabel Jones (voice, objects), Duncan Chapman (recordings, electronics)} with Jeff Cloke (Reson8). Extract from the 2-hour performance on the right.

Saturday 1st November GNARL-Fest SoundSpiral Performing Arts Centre, Lincoln Jeff Cloke (Reson8)  Members of the audience were invited to "say something interesting for 26 seconds". Their voices were then transformed using my Reson8 system. Thanks to Anthi Kettirou for her participation and her voice in the video on the right.
Here is another track on Soundcloud:
Thanks to Fenia Kotsopoulou. 

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