December 2012  Live Reson8 performance  with live video produced using G-FORCE (see below).  Here is an extract (full version on 2012 Events page)

October 2011 - a new video project using video shot in Bali, heavily processed, and with its sound processed via Reson8.  The resulting DVD has 5.1 surround sound - here is the stereo version:


In October 2009 I had an extended residency at The Shunt Vaults, producing some 16 hours of solo Reson8 recordings in approximately 1-hour chunks.  I decided to take pairs of these recordings and spatialise them independently and dynamically to give eight 5.1 surround sound pieces.  I have long been interested in having video images to partner my work, and I discovered an excellent set of visualisers that work with a live input: they are G-FORCE & WhiteCap from  .  Putting the Reson8 spatialised sound together with the responsive video images gave me 18, hour-long DVDs with surround sound - 8 sound pieces, each with both G-FORCE and WhiteCap plus 2 extra.  I chose to call the set '8days' and titled them Monday, Monday lite, Tuesday, Tuesday lite, .... 8thday, 8thday lite.

I have uploaded some of the audio: if you download a stereo track, put it into iTunes and play it with the iTunes visualiser, or with a free G-FORCE or WhiteCap visualiser from  you can make your own versions!!  For the surround sound extract, if you have surround sound capabilities on your computer it will play as such (Dolby 5.1 AC3 audio) otherwise it will play in stereo.

8thday audio stereo full length (use iTunes visualiser):

8thday audio surround sound extract (download - 189MB):

Friday Garden

I had a 67 minute video of an English Garden with no licencing issues. Using the surround sound audio from the Friday part of 8days (also 67 minutes long) I made another 2 DVDs, one with the garden sounds and birdsong, the other without.  I have made clips available for download.  If you have surround sound capabilities on your computer they will play as such, even via streaming from the website (Dolby 5.1 AC3 audio) otherwise they will play in stereo.  Note that the extracts have been greatly compressed for the web, so although the sound is at the original quality (Dolby AC3, 48,000 kHz) the picture quality is well below that on the full DVD. 

First the full length audio (stereo) complete with garden noises and birdsong:

Friday Garden clip (5.1 surround sound).  This 17-minute extract (sized to be within the free upload limit on Mediafire!) is taken from the middle of the piece, with no attempt at fade-in/out or titles.

Friday Garden No Birds clip (5.1 surround sound).

I have been producing short videos with my own sounds since  2006.  Here are a few:

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